Here's a little about us.

Our Beliefs

A handful of key beliefs inform the way we work:

  • Words create worlds. What we say matters. When we speak with curiosity and compassion — rather than negativity or cynicism — we create opportunities for connection.
  • Engagement is a worthy aim. Buy-in is not. Involving stakeholders at all levels in the direction-setting process will produce better results than giving them a direction to follow.
  • Shared, well understood expectations are critical to high-functioning teams. They take time and energy to develop, though they will save loads of both down the line.
  • It’s important to zoom out before narrowing in. Identifying the big picture and spelling out options help us make higher-quality decisions on a specific path forward.
  • Context matters. No two people have exactly the same experience. No two projects will go exactly the same way. The full story is always bigger than we can see alone.
  • Laughter is medicine. When we laugh together, we discover what we have in common — both values and vulnerabilities — and feel connected and lighter.

How We Work

At this stage of our business, our founding partner handles the initial contact with prospective clients, then brings in the collaborator(s) with appropriate expertise to help.

We call these collaborators “partners” because we value relationship and mutual learning. Currently, all of our partners are compensated as independent contractors. Our vision is to become a worker-owned cooperative of practitioners.

With that said, we're growing! If you’re interested in being a part of our growth — and our vision — we’d love to be in touch.