Meeting Design and Facilitation

We define meetings as any time when multiple stakeholders come together to learn or do something. Meetings take many forms — from brainstorming sessions to status update meetings, project planning sessions to annual retreats, and more.

Here at Humblebee, we love meetings. Seriously! And we want to help you and your team love them, too.

Our meeting design and facilitation expertise can be used in two key ways:

Option 1: We serve as lead designers and facilitators of your meeting.

We start by working with you to uncover and articulate the purpose of a given meeting. Then, we’ll take the lead on designing an effective, engaging agenda. We consult with you throughout the planning process and take a humble stance as facilitators during the meeting itself. In addition, we’re able to offer follow-up support and consultation.

Option 2: We train you in engaging design and facilitation.

Are you a leader looking to find new ways of engaging your team? Perhaps it’s the regular staff meeting which is starting to feel a little dull, or you’re wondering how to bring a mixed group of stakeholders together. If you facilitate meetings with groups or teams of 5 people or more and want to expand your engagement toolkit, give us a shout.