We're helpers, and we’re happy to plug in where you need us — whether that’s in an advisory capacity or as full-blown project planners and implementers.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

People Strategy

How do you get the right people on your team? How do you onboard them, ensure they stay engaged, and keep developing them, all while supporting a healthy supervision culture? We find these questions juicy. Our partners have the research-backed knowledge and experience to answer them in ways that align with where you are now and where you want to go next.


What is your growth game plan? This is a huge question, and one what gets bigger the more you get into it. (See what we did there?) If you’re looking to start a new program, enlarge your base of customers or volunteers, or hire for new capacities, we can help you feel prepared and grounded when opportunity calls.


What is your story? How do you want to share it with your stakeholders (both internal and external)? Or even better: how do you want to involve them in it? Here at Humblebee, we believe that words create worlds. Whether you’re communicating with your own employees, strategic partners, your customers, or the general public, we can help you find the words (and mechanisms for sharing them) to create the world you want.

Organizational Structure

How do you design an organization for maximum effectiveness? Answering this question is about more than drawing a new org chart. It’s also about identifying the processes and systems that will support the right interactions among internal stakeholders. As systems thinkers, we’ve got a knack for putting organizational puzzles like this together — especially in mission-driven (often lower-resourced) and rapidly growing organizations.